Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Mother Nature

Why do you feel the need to water your land whenever Monark Events has outdoor charity events? It seems as though, this may be something we seriously need to talk about.  You see, we live in sunny Florida where people love to be outside, frolicking and playing under the warmth of your sun and even better, under a clear starry night! Our dear friends at the American Cancer Society were no exception when they decided to host their Cattle Barons' Ball at the Destin Commons. Outdoors.  In the middle of Main Street.  

We had months and months of meetings, mapping out every detail from where the gaming tables were going to go to the silent auction, from the stage to the Jail & Bail, from the bars to the 28 Table Sponsor and Barons' tables, from the Lasso the Vino to the 8 ft. bull.  You see Mother Nature, it was all such a good plan, a perfect layout, precise and symmetrical.  And sent your glorious rains.  100% chance of glorious rains.

So, Mother Nature, what is any savvy event planner supposed to do in this scenario?  Have a back-up plan of course.  A 6th-level-rooftop-parking garage-back-up-PLAN! Ok, so maybe we are crazy, savvy but crazy. No need to go into all of the details for you Mother Nature, but let us tell you: (1) 100 x 40 ft. tent, (1) 40 x 20 ft. tent, (12) 10 x 10 ft. tents, (2) Generators, (1) Elevator, (100) Strands of Lights, (150) Bails of Hay, (22) Tables, (220) Chairs, (75) Volunteers, (15) Destin Commons Crew Members, (75) Silent Auction Items, (2) VERY TIRED EVENT PLANNERS, and ($99,000) Raised for Cancer Research later, we had one-heck of a hoedown! 
So, I guess Mother Nature, it worked out for all of us this time...but maybe next time you could have a little mercy on us and save your showers for the day after an event!!!  :)

No bulls were harmed in the production of this event.

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