Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Sheriff

How can I ever thank you for constituting our situation as an emergency? It all began when we were in a desperate search for a chalkboard to place on the corner of 30A and Watercolor Blvd. It was pertinent that we advertise for Art in the Park (8:43am). Hillary's desperation for the chalkboard outweighed my cries for the restroom.

Our first stop, The Watercolor Inn. Thank you Patrick Hurphy for letting us borrow one (854am). From there we head over to the new Hot and Cold, (formerly known as Sugar Pies, and designed by Wade Perry) okay, moving on....

Hillary jumps out of the truck and makes a mad dash past Margaret (or is it Sarah...) at PJ's coffee. She thinks if she sprints fast enough they won't remember her petty coffee theft an hour prior. I glance down at the I have time to run in and use the bathroom...? I'll go quick, I thought, plus I know it will take Hillary some time to perfect her chalkboard artistry.

I jump out of the truck and because I'm safety girl I reach for the lock button, just before the door slams shut I grab it! But it's too late....the glisten of the key caught my eye through the window. My eyes glaze past our floral arrangements baking inside the interior of the truck....then past the our crisp white linens.....our citron sashes.....Dear Lord! What have I done!?!

As I make my way around the vehicle hoping, praying that one of the doors remained unlocked (like that ever happens) I begin to call in favors. First call: Nicholas Phafvols. He always answers and he has a direct connect with the Sheriff (that's you)!!! One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy, VOICEMAIL! NOOOOO! How could this happen (903am). I still have to go to the bathroom.

I inform my ever kind business partner of my mishap and she calmly states. "I left the key inside." Duh, I know that's why I'm in a state of panic. I call the love of my life, I'm sure he'll come to my rescue. NO ANSWER. I call Hillary's hubby (she loves when I say that). NO ANSWER. I call Nick back, 12 times. Still no answer. Finally, Sheriff, he answers and calls your fabulous, sassy wife who comes to our rescue (933am). I still have to go to the bathroom.

I have the deputy in my sights and I start waving him down....but he drives right past...shouting something about an alarm or a break in and that he'd send someone else.....NOOOOOOO! How could an alarm be more important than our dying FLOWERS!?! (938am). I still have to go to the bathroom.

Up ahead I spot another vehicle resembling that of police car! Officer Mason Faye steps out. Immediately I see him size up Nicholas and his hanger, then I see it.... "Man vs. Truck." (958am game time is in two minutes and I still have go to the bathroom.)

So Sheriff, at this point I'm wondering will Deputy Faye be able to retrieve our wilting flowers and our crisp linens? Suddenly, I hear the sounds or Aerial "ahhhhhh....ahhhhh....ahhhhh." The door is open! (1018am). We hop in the truck and head to the tables, drop the linens, pull of the wilted petals and voila! We're back in business!

Thank you, Sheriff for realizing that event emergencies are indeed emergencies.


Monark Events

P.S. Names have been changed to protect those who didn't give us permission to use their name on our blog.

P.P.S. We did go back and pay for our coffee. Sorry Sarah!

P.P.P.S. I still have to go to the bathroom.

Dear Mother Nature

Why do you feel the need to water your land whenever Monark Events has outdoor charity events? It seems as though, this may be something we seriously need to talk about.  You see, we live in sunny Florida where people love to be outside, frolicking and playing under the warmth of your sun and even better, under a clear starry night! Our dear friends at the American Cancer Society were no exception when they decided to host their Cattle Barons' Ball at the Destin Commons. Outdoors.  In the middle of Main Street.  

We had months and months of meetings, mapping out every detail from where the gaming tables were going to go to the silent auction, from the stage to the Jail & Bail, from the bars to the 28 Table Sponsor and Barons' tables, from the Lasso the Vino to the 8 ft. bull.  You see Mother Nature, it was all such a good plan, a perfect layout, precise and symmetrical.  And sent your glorious rains.  100% chance of glorious rains.

So, Mother Nature, what is any savvy event planner supposed to do in this scenario?  Have a back-up plan of course.  A 6th-level-rooftop-parking garage-back-up-PLAN! Ok, so maybe we are crazy, savvy but crazy. No need to go into all of the details for you Mother Nature, but let us tell you: (1) 100 x 40 ft. tent, (1) 40 x 20 ft. tent, (12) 10 x 10 ft. tents, (2) Generators, (1) Elevator, (100) Strands of Lights, (150) Bails of Hay, (22) Tables, (220) Chairs, (75) Volunteers, (15) Destin Commons Crew Members, (75) Silent Auction Items, (2) VERY TIRED EVENT PLANNERS, and ($99,000) Raised for Cancer Research later, we had one-heck of a hoedown! 
So, I guess Mother Nature, it worked out for all of us this time...but maybe next time you could have a little mercy on us and save your showers for the day after an event!!!  :)

No bulls were harmed in the production of this event.