Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear First Class Friend...

"Dear First Class Friend,

How is it in the good seats?

We are trying to stay strong but our stomachs are growling and we are parched. Do you have a sweet morsel or a drop of champagne to spare?

Also, how is the leg-room up there? Recliner McClinerson is right in front of us, can you believe it? Seems as though he has brought his whole family!

What movie are you watching up there? It looks like everyone is really enjoying themselves. We are happy for you!

Don't worry too much about us, we will be fine. We are sharing one Baked Lay....our bellies are full. If it wasn't for the broken arm rest flying back in our faces, we could probably take a nice little nap!

Does it seem like we are flying very low to you and going slower than normal? Not us, we are having a great time.

See you at the end of our 4 1/2 hour trip!


The Event Planners in row 30

It is no joke, that our new "First Class Friend" (found by Gate D26 after boarding one plane, de-boarding and waiting to re-board another) received this lovely note written on a napkin and hand-delivered by our friendly stewardess. Although we may have had a somewhat rocky start to our travels to San Diego's "The Special Event," we did not let it stop us from an AMAZING trip. Accompanied by our fantastic wedding planning pal, Jennifer Warwick-Lewis of It's A Shore Thing, we set out for a week of learning, brainstorming and networking. From classes on trends for 2009, business marketing, PR initiatives to design theories from the experts, vendor displays & over-the-top showcase events, we were soaking up every minute of it, along with the sun! It was truly inspiring to be with thousands of event planners who are passionate about our industry and eager to help each other grow. A special thanks to Tami Ferrero of Forte Events for taking us under her wing and making us laugh. Here's to a an eventful 2009!